Sunday, April 8, 2012

Times, Times, Times

10 hours till we wake up and get in the car
11 hours and 30 min till were in the airport
12 hours and 45 min till im on my way in the plane
Need i say more im really excited! we loaded the kindle up with The Muppet Movie, Mr. Poppers Penguins, and Cheaper by the Dozen (all were rented) and some new books. We also got "We bought a Zoo" and im really stocked to see that:). I got this book called the Shell games and its the 5th book in the kingdom keepers series im pretty happy because it came out a week ago and conicedentlly the charachters happen to be disney (its a disney book) then they are going to the disney cruise ship, then the ship they go on is the same one im going on "Disney Dream" im SO SO SO excited!!! im gunna be taking pictures with my iphone because i really despise my camera haha bye! ill post more next week after im back:)

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