Monday, May 21, 2012

You might think this is alittle silly............

My little Nothing passed while i was on vacation:( in case your wondering who nothing is he was the best betta on the earth). I have made fish live for up to a year and then they pass because im on vaction and i can't feed it or clean the tank... not because im lazy.(because im not). Nothing died from................... dust. were having our bathroom re-done and they had to use drills and other tools which created dust in my bowl, and unforutunately that was the cause. Dust suffocates animals which made him pass:( i cried and cried because he was a good fish:) i made him a euligy which is the silly part. i made it in class and i was crying........ i had some friends read it and i could tell they thought it was alittle silly but still cute:) im going to be printing a picture of Nothing and i wil make him alittle memorial out front with some of his favorite things:) i feel lost without him:( everyday i would go and make him jump out of the bowl which was fun to do with him. anyways, here is the euligy

In loving memory of Nothing McKenna: March 14th, 2012- May 19th 2012

Nothing was so unique no name could describe him. I felt happy when i would see him being so active swimming around his tank. He loved little suprises like the Finding Nemo figurines i bought him on the disney cruise. Nothing loved a good meal. His beady small eyes followed my hands as i unscrewed the food each time he got a feeding. He ate one little pellet and he looked SO cute:) Nothing lived for three months and his death was so tragic. He was my second Betta but was my favorite because of his beautiful vibrant colors. I remeber when I was cleaning your tank and you fell in the sink! I was SO scared. I screamed and Bethany saved you:) I cried and cried when i saw you helpless body wedged between the sink. But you were saved that Earth Day :) and i was so thankful. Nothing, i pray for you now hoping to meet you in the better place someday. You were a great fish and will be missed, greatly. I love you little guy and i hope you had a wonderful life.

                                                                                                              Your proud owner,
                                                                                                               Clare Irene McKenna


Just to let you know i changed my blog domain so it is now please delete the old one because it is invalid.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Im back :)

right when i get back its raining!(of course): hey everyone! im back from california and im suprised it was only 75-80 down there! im really happy to be back but them again im leaving on wendesday for new york! there will be some pictures later but right now i have to unpack, get the mail, and watch next food network star:)
Thanks for reading,
Clare McKenna
P.S while i was in california i made two of my cousins a blog of their own:) so ill follow them so you can check em' out:)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Balls for Burundi

Burundi is a small african counrty where my teacher (who loves soccer) visits now every year. Seeing people on the streets who would make soccer balls out of stuff like paper bags frazzled her so she went to the market and bought some soccer balls to pass out. This year she told my class and we wanted to kinda make things better so we started "Balls for Burundi" balls for burundi is where prekindergarten-third grade can join some voulenter 7th graders for an 1 1/2 after school for soccer camp! I participated and it was so much fun! i got a pre-kindergartner: Liam and he would not stop playing with his hands so that made him goalle most of the time:) i also got three kinders: Wesley, Daniel, and Bo:) they were all really good for 5 and 6 year olds. the camp runs today and thurday and for each session (day) its 10 dollars. so far we reached 350-400! ms. dempsey had emily take some pictures and ill try to get them soon!
Thanks for reading.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Zoned out

After a nice day playing (three hours) my allergies were killing me! allergies is back! i go inside and fall asleep for like 2 hours! i checked out the pollen count and BAD NEWS: today was low tommorow is high and the next day! Allergies is really making me mad because i got into bed at 9:45 but managed to fall asleep at 11:30 so ive been exhausted and tired):
Clock says: 9:37 i should probably get ready for bed?


As soon as its looking like nice weather im leaving! to california (of course whenever i leave it gets nice) Speaking of good weather i hope my fav cousin, MG has a wonderful time at camp because i had to miss the trip last year): i also have to miss the 7th grade trip to eastern wa this year because now its riley graduating! i think im leaving for cali on tuesday or wendesday (not quite sure............) then we will come back on sunday i will go to school monday then my class leaves tuesday and i leave for new york on wendesday! lots of hours on planes and traveling! Random thought: i was supposed to go to a donut shop today because ive NEVER been to one EVER! yes, i have had a donut before(: i think im going to one before California so stay tuned..................
Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Heres stuff thats coming up:
. Tanya's wedding (housekeeper/babysitter)
. Donut shop (AHHH excited)
. California
. New York
. Mothers Day
. Outside pics!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Daddy Daughter Dance

Me, Maddi, Natalie, and Sophia
My dad and Elyse

I think the dance was O.K. because there wasn't much to do...BUT! three of my friends were there and im the person who never gets drawn for anything and i got a 10 gift card to Jamba Juice!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


im gunnna paint this picture and its gunna look awesome!


ok in order to get this joke you would need to have seen the movie.
Pixar made a better love story in 8 minutes then twilight did in 4 books:)


this picture was sent as a joke. When i couldn't find mikewazowski and robert took him off my bed. Robert had my mom took ths picture so robert could tease me:)