Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter and Disney

Happy Early Easter everyone!!! haha:), I'm going to be out of town to Florida the McKenna's are going on the Disney Dream cruise ship and we are very excited! Were leaving Monday morning at 8:45 am so we have to wake up super early! we'll arrive approximately at 5:12 pm (seems long but its because of the 3 hour difference) Then we will spend the night in Florida go to the beach the next day arrive 3:00-3:30 pm at the loading dock for the cruise and disembarkation is at 3:45 (Disney sent us the booklet that said we were supposed to arrive at 1 pm but they cut it so know we are like one of the last groups to go on board): I'm really looking forward to this because i have been waiting since July but now its only 2 days away!!!! I hope you have a safe trip wither your flying, cruise shipping, or diving!
Bon Voyage',
Clare McKenna
P.S. there will be tons of pics i've promised classmates so ill put them here as well:) and I'm not going to be using my camera I'll be using the family's because my mom dropped mine back in September so there are lots of pictures on my blog with darker colored areas and it ruins every picture i take. reminding me of the sad moment at the American Girl Store, oh well bye for now!

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