Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring break!!!

Hi I'm having a blast in California!!! And I hope if your on vacation your having fun too. On Saturday I went to the airport and we ran into Madalyn L. turns out her family is gonna be on the same flight and only two rows ahead!!!!! On Sunday I went to mass (of course!!!)and we had an Easter egg hunt with my aunt Angelique kids and my uncle Patrick kids! Monday we had "cupcake challenge"!!!(I wonder who's idea was that??:) The teams were: Bethany and Hannah Clare and Sierra and Isabella and Elyse. Me and Sierra made a Reese's peanut butter cup with a beach design on top!!! It was a dark blue shark tail in light blue frosting on half of the cupcake and the other half was a peanut butter frosting as "sand" with brown sugar and umbrella in the sand! It was super cute and our cupcake ended up winning "Most Unique", "Best Design","Best Cleaner", and "Cutest Cupcake". The judges were my parents so of course there was no real winner so the teams voted and it turned out 2 people voted for my cupcake 2 for Bethany and 2 for Elyse WE TIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was fun because everyone was so secretive about it and they were ALWAYS trying to copy each other:) teams spent about 1 hour on the computer looking for the perfect cupcake. After the kitchen was cleaned we went up stairs and gave each other massages (SO relaxing). Tuesday I went over to my cousins house they have a new bunny "Duchess" and the bunny was so cute (it looks like Andrea's)the bunny gave me TONS of scratches and is familiar with me now. Wednesday was really cool we drove to Napa valley and went to a wine vineyard we took a gondola to the top then after that we went to and old vineyard castle and guess what it was where they filmed some of "Bedtime Stories"!!!! It was also fun and they gave us a private tour for free!!! we got to discover the underground caverns! cool right? well tomorrow we are planning on going to discovery kingdom where one of the roller coasters is the fastest and longest in northern California! I'm so excited:)

Thanks for visiting my blog,
Clare McKenna
p.s. Have a wonderful (rest) of spring break:)
p.p.s. I took lots of pics of the things I will post them when I get back to Washington on Sunday if I have time

Friday, April 15, 2011

Have you ever lost a "friend" (pet)

Yesterday, I came home from ballet as usual and then I went to feed my beta Katherine (named after the girl in D.C.cupcakes:) but i went over and she was "belly up"!! I was sad all afternoon and  was crying a lot:( I know what your thinking "it's just a fish") but Katherine was magnificent and on the weekends when I fed her I would put the food and she would jump put of the tank!!! It was so fun and I will remember the times when I was cleaning the tank she would jump on to the counter (that "little" trouble maker:) Katherine lived for 268 days which in case you didn't know that's along time for fish! I still have my goldfish "mickey mouse" and I named him that from an inside joke! but my goldfish has been living since June, 13 2010 (that is incredible)! But, I will have a special place for Katherine in my heart! tell me in a comment if you have ever lost a "friend".