Monday, April 29, 2013

Monterey Bay

I do this thing where I schedule posts then decide to wait awhile so i don't clutter your feed with tons of updates from my blog so I think I need to stop because this post is about spring break:) When we were down in California my sisters friend, Cathryn flew down for a couple days so we went to the aquarium  Our parents dropped us off so they could go running. We weren't in the aquarium for more then 30 minutes when we were evacuated I don't know why but it was only for a brief amount of time... After that we took these bikes that ride three people and went down to the boardwalk...Here are the pictures!
Elyse in the car on the way there


Our favorite exhibit 

touch tank

Found Nemo!

and Dory hahahaha:)

Robert and Elyse

Bethany and Cathryn


Eating some icecream.

yea, my shirt doesn't match my tie

On the beach!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oh! mg r u serious.......................................

So I got some really cute pictures of my cousin Mary Grace :) She is one of my best friends and I share many inside jokes with her. She mainly got pictures of me but I was able to snap some of her too! These were taken before we got on the ferry to go to the retreat. Some were also on the ferry:) Enjoy!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pinnacles National Park

During Spring break one of the many fun activities  we got to do was go to Pinnacles National Park. It is known for having "bat caves". The hike seemed endless... But as soon as we got to the caves it started getting way better. The caves were cold and that was perfect after hiking for so long. They were dark and our flashlights weren't that good so I hit my head trying to duck beneath a rock...ouch! Here are the pics:)
Robert playing in some dirt in the parking lot

Wild flowers

Looking for Poison ivy

on a bridge
Going through a tunnel..not the actual bat caves

Ready to go in

Right before we went in

This is odd I never take pictures of my family together

You can see this on Facebook!

Robert jumping on the rocks.. dad debating how hard of a climb.. I think he said 5-12

I'm just bragging the sun was so nice

if she went in the water she would have drowned its over 50 feet in depth
The reservoir 

Another family portrait
My sister and I!!!! 
In the bat caves climbing around

Friday, April 19, 2013

Photo-shoot with Grace and Allyssa

For the blog book two of my best friends came over to my house to get their pictures done. We had a ton of  time resulting in a ton of fun. Gracie would go up to everything and pose she was a natural. Allyssa was more  camera shy but that changed in a matter of minutes and her pictures turned out really nice. Some of these were featured in the book while others where not. Enjoy the best of the best!