Sunday, July 31, 2011

Did ya know?

did ya know that i was the one that started blogs and then everyone did? so mine is the oldest and orginal:D
now ya know!
thanks for coming on,

Camp Don Bosco

well, tommorow i am leaving for camp don bosco in carnation, WA. Im going to do a culinary camp there and have been packing for about an hour now........ im really excited and im going to bed soon... i have never been to camp only girl scouts for 2 days.... so this will make up for camp river ranch because its a culinary camp and its and extra day, i will try to post as many pictures as i can but note i probably can't charge my camera there (i will ask)..... im not going to be "really" posting till saturday........ but i will have jokes i attomatically sceduled so you can come back everyday and look for those
thanks for coming on,

Saturday, July 30, 2011

My mom's garden

it was very nice outside today so i snapped up some shots of some pretty flowers please not that this is the last photo post till next saturday because i will be at camp don bosco

 my favorite

thanks for coming on,
Clare McKenna

Friday, July 29, 2011

more fireworks

here are some more fireworks


here is some  firework videos if you didn't get to go to the party

My birthday party

im birthdayed out! here are some pictures of the party:)
 lemons for lemonade of course

 sundae dishes (everyone got to keep)

 Yummy toppings

 the table decorated by me:)

 lemon mix

 cutting board...

 sadie,and claire at there stations

 the "taste test"


 lemonade stand

 "swing time"

 me (birthday girl)

 Claire Nelson

 MG taking a picture of me while i take one of her

 the whole group

 getting toppings


 well thats about all my birthday until next year...