Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New York!

I took a trip back to the big apple it was only about 4 days but still really eventfull. Some activities we did included: Award Ceremony, Graduation Parade,  the Graduation and more! i had a really fun time going back for the last time and will miss that place....alittle.
This video was made during class. i had permission because the rest of my class were making information movie makers on the E.W.P trip:) i put at least i good 3 hours into this perfecting EVERYTHING! so kick back turn on the sound(i put music on!!!!) and Enjoy!
have a great day!

Tanya's wedding

Tanya is a really nice person that comes to our house and helps babysitt and clean every tuesday and thursday. my cousin Mary Grace also knows Tanya because Tanya goes over to her house too! the wedding was really nice and pretty:) here are the pictures!
 Center piece

 The stage for the wedding party

 Tanya and her dad


thanks for coming on,
Clare McKenna


I had really fun going to california! some of my favorite things were going to the avengers (which was really good) going to Roaring Camp, and of course seeing my cousins the Fuegmanns and their adorable pets! i have some pictures but not alot cuz i was just having to sit back and realx in the sun most of the time!

Vineyards behind our house

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Im back! for some reason blogger wasnt working for a couple weeks so i had no way to blog! but fortuanatley i have TONS of posts coming your way!
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