Sunday, April 8, 2012


Happy Easter!!! i got woken up at 6:30 i would have been mad if it were any other Easter but because i have to fall asleep at like 8:00 tonight so it was fine. Turns out they cant find Roberts easter basket that I hid (instead of easter egg hunts we hide the baskets). and im so tired that i forgot so we began the search. my dad was getting pretty mad because he thought i knew. But a half and hour later (7:00) robert goes into the pantry and finds it! haha:) he was so excited about the peeps it was pretty funny. I picked out the stuff for my basket my favorite thing would have to be the giant reeses peanut buttter egg and the 12 once bag im bringing to florida, Just kidding ill only bring a couple.... anywhos enjoy easter because this only comes one time a year!
Happy Easter,
Clare McKenna
P.S. in 12 hours i will be in bed sleeping so excitedly i wont be able to sleep
in 24 hours i will be at the airport sitting outside the gates
and in 33 hours i will be in florida
55 hours i will be leaving for the bahama's

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