Saturday, April 21, 2012

Natalie's Birthday

I had a blast after school friday i took when one of my best friend's, emily to my house to hang out before the party. my friend, natalie actually lived like 5 minutes from my aunts house. Me, Emily, and Sophia wore pirate bandana's and were fashionably late:) We had alot of fun playing at the park and having a silly string fight!
Pirate Sophia

Pirate Emily

Climbing a tree

I was staring at this tree and Sophia was like lets go climb it so thats exactly what me and 5 other people did it was really fun and one of the branches snapped on the way up..... WHOOPS!

Don't you just love my new shirt?

Everyones sleeping stuff. the night before every inch was covered

A treehouse kinda hard to see

Andrea gave me this flower to gave to shelia i kept it though so shelia had to pick her own:)

Me, Allyssa, and Andrea (Andrea is Natalies neigbor and doesn't go to our school)
Me, Sophia, and Emily

Me, Grace, and Sophia
Thanks for coming on,
Clare McKenna

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