Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pearly Whites



"i REALLY wish dad was home, i wanna open the box"

 we wait with anticipation to open it with dad

 "well then i will just play golf with a spatula in the meantime"

Monday, January 23, 2012

NEVER thought.....

 we would have to pop popcorn on the stove this just proves i can NEVER be amish but it was really good:)

I made this

 rose cake! AMAZING!


It snows a TON in auburn check out some of these really cool pictures(there is about 60 just so u know:) we missed so much school take a look:)
 our backyard "winter wonderland"

 robert making a snow angel

 thats ADORABLE!!

 bethany and robert

 robert storming away from me and elyse

 me jumping


 snow covered every branch a day later!

 robert and elyse having a snowball fight

 this is SUCH a fun photo


 it was like COVERED


 i LOVE this picture

chloe the cat HATES snow haha

 I have NO mittens on clare:)

 snow covered pumkin

thanks for reading,
Little Miss Clare