Tuesday, April 17, 2012

McKenna's Spring Break aboard the Disney Dream

Folks, this is going to be a bit long there is so much to say:)
OK, wake up at 5:45 exactly feeling excited but the plane ride wasn't that bad only about 4 1/2 hours long when we get to Orlando international in Florida. As I'm waiting i look outside and see these Disney Cruise bus's mocking me because i have to spend the night then go on the cruise ship the following day ugh! here's a picture of the annoying bus. pretty cool? i know
Only Robert can  make a good picture at 6:00

The Stupid Bus

Multitasking, Look closely

Wake up the next morning go to the beach and it was AMAZINGLY AMAZING! nice hot i did lots of ballet and flips on the beach:) it was nice hot 80 F hehe:) then ran into a family from st. Vincent's! i kept looking out to the ocean when we arrived at Ron Jon surf shop and it was HUGE! there were surfers EVERYWHERE! and a whole bunch of surf shops bet you don't see that in WA! i was so excited that i was literally shaking when we got into the hertz van.

McKenna 2012 Disney Dream
In the Hertz bus

Then, i think after like 8 months of waiting to get on this cruise we were like almost there going through customs and stuff like that was a breeze. I was like zoning out for like 15 min then thats when we took a picture and i was on the boat!

I was aboard the Disney Dream Deck 4 midship looking at the chandelier and whoa it was big when some cast members annouce that the McKenna's are onboard. First things first go to the stateroom and check out the personal navigator for show times and dinner times but then get a snack at Flo's cafe by the pool. I remeber getting chicken tenders alot with some fruit:) Visits to Eye Scream were very frequent (i counted and all together i got icecream at least 4-5times a day for 5 days:) Dinner was at Royal Palace the first night, Animators Palate the second, Enchanted Gardens third and fourth night and then Royal Palace again:) my favorite was Animators Palate they had Talk with Crush from finding Nemo and many finding nemo charachters joined you through your meal:) Enchanted gardens is a cute little garden inspired resturant and royal palce has so many chadeliers and princess touches! Our waitress every night was Estelle from France and Yogislav was our assistant waitor our head waitor i forgot his name but he was really nice. Everyone was funny and the assitant waitor would always stand behind you and scare you while Etelle would take any stuffed animals that happened to be "laying" around hmmm.....

Bread Basket-Royal Palace

The Royal Palace sign

I told you the Princess touch was EVERYWHERE

After dinner the first night we just went to the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab to sign Robert and Elyse up

 Monster Academy

 They didn't go into this room MG they were scared and freaked out hahaha!
  Explorer Pod
 Pixie Hollow
And then there was the lab

 All the rooms look like this
Then we saw a live show while my parents ate dinner at Remy

 And i went to explore the ship turns out they are doing pictures with Chip and Dale

Waiting in line more then 10 min taught me to be early and after that i was early to EVERY one
Elyse ran away and found this (sorry a bit blurry)
When we woke up we were at Castaway Cay Disney's private island once again it was beautiful out

Pelican Plunge (no i didnt go on this)
                                                                    Mt. Rustmore
That night it was my favorite resturant at Animators Palate i learned to be early and i was the first one in my family to show up!

After that i went to Edge a hangout for tweens it was pretty small and boring

 edge was located in a smokestack!
And I took Robert and Elyse to see UP:)

The next day we were at the bahama's and a picture means a thousand words
We met a whole bunch of charachters

i love this picture

Then it was Pirate night!

pirate minnie

Me and Megan my new canadian friend:)

 Dinner was at enchanted gardens

Dinner was at Enchanted Gardens 

The next day we were at sea the entire day! 

Thats about it but before i sign off...... 

Good to be blogging again!:),
Clare McKenna

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