Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Something you won't want to miss

I had this amazing idea yesterday when I was sitting at the computer. Ive wanted to be more involved with acting because my best friend sophia participates in many hta plays and they are so cool! To be involved in hta (heavier than air) u have to go to day camp all day for a moth in summer my mom didnt want to drive me to green river community college all summer for the program. Since I can't go to theater camp why can't I bring theater to my house? It's an amazing idea I'm pleased to do "101 Dalmatians" as my first play then I asked sophia and Mary graces families and Sophia was like "sure her little sister was so excited and she will be playing the part of pepper:)this play isnt some cheap play it's going to gave alot of time and money. I will be buying material for props costumes music you name it. Tickets will be around $3.00 for the hour performance! There will be more times and dates as it approaches r
This show will be nothing short of spectacular!
Just in case you didn't believe me I made the cuteest picture perfect poster because it took me 30 min yes I'm a perfectionist

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