Thursday, January 24, 2013

Excited for Friday!

Another school week has past and it went by fast since we got Monday off for MLK holiday. Since this winter we are getting no snow here in the Pacific Northwest, my family and I are going to Winthrop! I haven't been there in awhile because i don't like to go during the summer and last time they went I had rehearsals for Winter Solstice. Its a five hour drive from my house so while writing this post I'm also downloaded books and movies (thanks to my fabulous cousin MG that got me a gift card:-)  to my kindle fire... crossing my fingers that I don't get car sick! Next week is Catholic Schools Week... more on that next week! Here are two pictures from when I went when I was in the sixth grade.... I think. 

Robert was 3 and Elyse was 5
Me in the sixth grade

Thanks for coming on,


July A. Emmance said...

Hey! I'm definitely a new follower :) I really like how you have pictures of your familia on the side :)

clare mckenna said...

Thanks so much! Yeah, theres seven of us so if someone loses track when I write the name in the post they can refer to the side:-)