Sunday, January 13, 2013

Charleston, South Carolina: Boone Hall and Plantation

 Back when we were in the East Coast we did a lot of tourist things including visiting Boone Hall and Plantation! It was really cool because they filmed parts of "The Notebook" there in the lake. Also, it was cool but tragic and sad to see how the slaves lived down south! Something funny I was watching top ten wedding of 2012 and one of the weddings was here! As soon as I saw the entryway pictures im like Oh my goodness I have that picture!



Liz said...

These photos are amazing. YOu have a good eye with the camera. I love taking photos too. ONly problem is you never get to be in the photos!

clare mckenna said...

Thanks Liz! I know i should really just have a photoshoot with myself... who knows! I prefer behind the lens. Maybe one of these days..