Saturday, January 19, 2013

School time!

For my classes auction project this year were going to make a blog! I get the opportunity to teach them how to get started with posts, pictures and anything else they need to know! I'm really excited because i never get the chance to actually show case my blog. In addition to that, I will also be taking pictures for each student. I got to take my camera to school on Friday and got some pretty good shots considering they were taken at a school. Everyone was running, jumping, twirling, and trying to get my attention. It was so much fun and caused giggling the rest of the day!  Check out some of these from our "session".
Savannah, the natural model.

Hannah. This is my favorite picture. 

There are normal people... and theres Sophia 

"creepin" with Hannah and Savannah


(Sophia: Just going to get in the pic)

(Hannah: leave) (Sophia: uh huh)

Savannah: going to smile and be all cute
Hannah: Sophia leave no one likes you
Sophia: (annoyed look)

got in so many good shots and this was created...

they told me to take a pic...

Savannah twirls 


Sophia, Shelia, Hannah, Savannah, and Emily

more creeping 

Savannah: Excuse me? 

Emily.. one of my fav photos from the session



Amanda Fischer said...

WOAH! I have 7 kids in my family, too. BIG FAMILIES ROCK!!! ;)

clare mckenna said...

Yea! do you have a blog? If so i want to follow it:-)

Prita said...

Great job practicing with aperture!! Keep it up!