Saturday, August 27, 2011


today, i got to do a spa on my little sister elyse and it was really fun she had a blast and now she is ready to compete in the Nija Warrior Kid Allstar Finals:)
 Station #1: Hand Sanitizer

 Station #2: chapstick and lipgloss
her picks: Pink Chiffon Cupcake lipgloss and white chocolate rasberry chapstick


 Station #3: foot soak

 relaxing while i turn on some music

 Station #3 choices for scented bathtub her pick: Jelly Belly Bubblegum

 lisneting to waves (sountrack)

 Station #4: hair

 toes her pic:blue:P

 getting ready for hands

 Station #5:nails

 Stations 6&7: lotion and perfume


 nails sparkly pink

i had SO much fun:)
thanks for reading:),

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