Sunday, August 7, 2011

Camp Don Bosco

well everyone i am back from camp and really sad :( i had so much fun and i really want to go back. anyway, i got a care package in the mail from my brother with 10 boxes of candy! thats was really great:D i had a fun time making lanyards,crafts,campfire, and all the other fun camp stuff:D My cabin leaders were Marissa and Caroline (who was REALLY annoying). I earned a bead for my eagle because i figured out who Marissa's twin brother was!!!!!!! I think everyone should go there! the only bad thing about camp was the culinary part. it was terrible all we did was make jam (i already knew how to), make scones from the box, pour beans in a jar, make seasoning, and cracked eggs. All the girls were really disapointed. so there is a ton of pictures just in case you are wondering what bosco looks like! Enjoy!
 Sport Court

 Trail leading to campfire

 Snoqualmie lodge taking a hike

 just some leaves

 it was SO nice outside

 Emily and Lillia looking over the bridge

 its a looong way down

 the bridge

 thunderbird lodge

 The Japenese campers making stuff

 a tree

 Flag ceremoney

 Dining hall

 Kraft shop (my fav)

 When its a staff members birthday we throw them in the pool!


 on the way to campfire

 The "biffy" or bathroom with no flushing toliets

 me clibing a tree for picture challenge

 Kate jumping crazily for picture challenge

 Japense camper hula hooping

 chase getting pushed in the pool

 an imaginary campfire



 Me and Yume

 Some people at are overnight




 our overnighter

 some trees (really random)

 a log bench

 my cabin


 some of camp

 ripe berries

Sunshine Stairs


 the chapel


 my really annoying cabin leader who likes the smell of the biffy!!!

 dining hall





 mail time





 Me and Yume




 People at campfire

 i don't know what this is really

 Campfire look as those flames

 Camp leaders singing to us

 My bunk (the bottom)




 Me and Emily


 Emily and Lillyia


i hope y ou enjoyed my camp pictures,

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