Monday, August 8, 2011


wow, tommorow is roberts birthday and he is not to excited unlike some other little kids. he kept telling me i want to stay three forever it was really cute. then he got the idea if we kept holding him he would stay the same age. anyway, i got him a lightning mcqueen lunch box, some cars, a thermal (also cars), and some cars band-aids. for some reason today was all about about cars! Robert does not want to grow up because after we took him to get a uniform at dennis he was really upset :( anyway, he is getting a bike (ALSO cars) he already knows about it and he keeps going out to the car to take a peek:D tommorow, we are having a pool party at my grandma's and the cousins are invited. so it will be really fun!!! also, on thursday morning at 4:00 am we are leaving for california and driving down so we got all new movies: soul surfer, princess and the frog, up, flika, and because of winn dixie. 
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