Monday, August 22, 2011

Jelly Belly Factory

Unfortunaltely, we did not got to valleijo but, i did take some really cute shots and had a blast:) also, the food were shaped like Jelly Belly's for intstance my hamburger hahaha. and when my cousins went there pizza was!!! also, Jelly Belly was everywhere you went i loved it!:D We also waited 1 1/2 hours! and it was free:) Best place ever and we got to try the Jelly Belly's in different stages!! and we got a free bag of Jelly Belly's and got to see HUGE crates of Jelly Belly's topple (that wasn't supposed to happen hehehehe:)
These decorations were comman

Mr. Jelly Belly in a hot air ballon

Kate and William made out of Jelly Belly's (they had a whole gallery this was the newest one though) 
Robert right as we went in

A Jelly Belly car

Jelly Belly Factory

my dream car..... 
Mr. Jelly Belly ate to many of his own kind hahaha:)

do not be fooled by tour line starts here we waited outside then when you get inside you wrap around

Yes, they sell candy corn in the summer!!!!

Jelly Belly has its own flag love it!

smile this place rocks

i got used to this logo after 5 minutes

its own street name like Carlo's Bakery Way!!!


All the stuff i bought hehehehe

main lobby

i saw this from the free way

you bet i will!

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