Friday, September 16, 2011

Puallup fair

Today, we went to the puallup fair:) we met my cousins: prita and amy. we had lots of fair food i got a new flower clip walked around here are some pictures
 Robert Firefighter



 Baby kenna:)


me in the 1st annual John Deer Tractor Pedel Tracktor Pulls where you have to ride the tractor to the end without stopping... (did i metion they put 250 punds of metel in mine?!)

 i thought it was stuck or something

 Robert Races

 one of my favorite parts of the fair

 mashing carrots

 i just really enjoyed this for some reason!

 hehe:), we put 25 cents in and the feet thing would shake and make y our feet numb it was really funny and tickled ALOT!

 Strawberry soft serve

 Rainbow of foods




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