Friday, September 2, 2011

(ONE) of the biggest post of the year

BEWARE! this post is one of the biggest projects EVER! that means a whole lot of pictures of one person!! HAVE a GOOD day:)                 

 OH MAN!! caught in the act:P

 what r u up to clare?

 body shield

 STOP tickling me:)


 i have to stop?


 (NOTE: jelly belly crayon)

 im going back

 time for a jelly belly?

 Heres a jelly belly for you (i wish)

oh, man the top broke.....


 don't be sad....

 i can fix it!

 this little boy had fun,

 then he told me NO MORE PICTURES! (he only know is took like 5 hehe)

 nap time:)
thanks for reading,

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