Sunday, September 18, 2011

American Girl

here they are are fun times at The American Girl store at the alderwood mall
 Felicity before (hair)
 Felicty after a visit to the doll salon

 her new outfit
 Jess before (she was the worst)
 Jess after
 so smooth
 Nikki before

 back: best hair
 AG stone
 one of the logo's
 me in front of the girl of the year display
 Flowers (thinking of which they gave us a hair thing just like this in New York)
 one of the bookcases
 Nikki getting her hair done
 front of the store (thats alot of bags hmmm...)
 Me and Elyse with the dolls

 my grandma, cousin maddie, me, and elyse

 (from left:) Samantha (maddies), Jess (bethany), Felicity (mine), and Nikki (Bethany's)

 my dessert....

 my lunch

 doll holders in the restroom

 its a fairly big store

 mall entrance (see my cousin emily?)
After American Girl we walked around in the mall for a while with my aunt and my two cousins emily and joey
 They went crazy when they saw there sister sarah on an advertisment for arch bishop muphy

 Sarah is the on with long brown hair (top row)
ANOTHER big thing that happen was this...
 this girl went into claires (i know i know my name)
 showed me her ears
 sat down in a chair....
 and got her ears percied just like that!
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