Monday, July 11, 2011

Juliet (the cat)

Well its official we are keeping the cat :( Elyse is absoluetly hooked and is ALWAYS wantitng to go outside and play with it but, she is allergic really really bad and so her eyes get all red and puffed up. The cats name is Juliet thanks to Elyse and Annemarie... the cat is doing fine but i think Juliet is so scared. Today they bought her cat food, litter box, scratching post, and a bed.

 i despise cats but this picture was so cute!

 in about 30 minutes her eyes will be red, puffy, and slits
thanks for coming on,


de said...

aww there both sooo cute !!!!!!!!!! :)

Little Miss Clare said...


Amy said...

Awwww, Pica's love for the cat is stronger than her allergies! Too cute... REALLY!!!!! :-)