Saturday, July 23, 2011

Games, Nightwatching, and popcorn

Tonight, my mom and me played a couple of my favorite games: Clue and Uno while Robert and Elyse got ready to go "bat watching" . My mom me,Robert,and Eluse sat on a big comfy chair in my moms garden and happily snacked on popcorn watching for bats and it to become nighttime. It was really nice and we had blankets so we were toasty warm. We also have a small fountain in my moms garden and that was sounded really nice. There were some oil lamps which made it our own "garden party" the only thing that didn't go so well was the neighbors. They were being really loud and you could here them from our garden.
Thanks for coming on,
p.s. I think you should try this sometime:)

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de said...

over here its already toasty warm without the blanket