Monday, July 11, 2011

Ballet Recital

On the first day of summer (June 21st 2011) i had my ballet recital. My mom took lots of pictures but for some reason the camera would not upload the pictures! i was very mad and have been trying and waiting ever since. Today, my mom went to Cosco and got pictures of her rome trip but she aslo got the ballt pictures uploaded on to a disk so it would work!. Now you know why these pictures are so late Enjoy:)


 My class doing curtain call

 Us waiting to get through with curtain call

 The whole show!

 5/6 level ballet "the coral reef"

 Michelle, Sarah, and Sammie

 Michelle and Sarah



my group

 my partner Sarah and me

 The whole thing!
 me and my cousin catherine


 me trying to show you my side flower

 me outside after practice
The recital was really good my ballet 3 class were Jellyfish and don't you jst love the coustumes! My other cousins Laura  (colors of the ocean) and Catherine (dolphins) were in it too. All of these pictures were taken at the dress rehearsel...
thanks for coming on,

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