Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mothers Day

10 great tips if your running low on cash and also to get your mom thanking you all day looooooooooooong!
1. Make her a break(feast) in bed make eggs for eyes bacon for mouth and a strawberry for a nose
2. Make her a card (homemade is preferred:)
3. Give her hugs and tell her how special she means to you
4. Buy her Starbucks (I did this except my mom bought me my Starbucks and I bought her Starbucks:)
5. Make her a bracelet or necklace (make matching ones) so if she goes on a trip and wears it she will remember to buy you a souvenir! JUST KIDDING!!!
6. Ask to do something with her such as doing a puzzle gluing it with puzzle glue and framing it
7.Make her a coupon book (i do this every year)add one coupon for every year you are (exp.) I'm eleven so I would give my mom eleven coupons
8. Make her a scrapbook (be sure to add lots of stickers and pics:)
9. Bake her a cake (weather its form scratch or the box)(recipe will be on Thursday)
10.Give her a spa sit back and relax with your mom (I will get you pampering spa recipes really soon)

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OMG said...

This is great! I'll try some of these next year!