Saturday, May 21, 2011

Carlos Bakery and New York trip!

 Hi everyone!!! im having a blast in New York and I'm so sad that it went by so fast :( anyway... I went to Carlos Bakery!!!!!!! I was so excited and guess what i saw so many of the cast members including: Lisa (his sister and wife), Danny, Ralph, Frankie, Mauro, and so many more howeverIi did NOT see buddy!! which was a let down after waiting 2 hours to get in also Frankie waved to Robert! I went to Newport in Road Island and we saw GIANT mansions! We went to the Liberty Bell, independence hall. Betsy Ross's house, and more places! I'm happy to be going back but also a little sad to go back into the miserable weather :( Today the high was 85!
Clare McKenna

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OMG said...

I hope you had a fun time! thnx so much for the liberty bell key chain :P