Sunday, May 8, 2011

How many pages? books? If i will ever stop reading!?

Alright so ALMOST all the people in my class ask me the same 3 questions everyday! Well these are the quetions
#1.Will you stop reading?
#2.How many book reports have you done?
#3.How many pages have you read?

So here are the answers:
#1. I will keep reading 200 page average a day
#2. 125 (this number will increase)
#3. Even I'm not sure how many pages Iv'e read but i have all them recorded so come back Monday at 5:00 for the number!

If you have any more questions regarding reading or just need a book recommendation please leave your question in the comment box!

Happy reading for many years to come!,
Clare McKenna


Anonymous said...

How many books do u read a day?

Little Miss Clare said...

I read about 1-2 average but im reading a long book called "power play" so my average went down!

OMG said...

WOW thats a lot of reading!!!