Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Easter!

Well Easter was exactly one week ago and we got the pleasure of spending it down in California with our cousins: Hannah, Isabella, Sierra, and Jake! We had a fun time with an Easter egg hunt, having a photo shoot (pictures soon!), and just hanging out. Sorry for the delay in posts you might have read my last post about me forgetting the software for the laptop... whoops! Here are the pictures..
pretty flowers decorated the table


The dye for Easter eggs
The Easter eggs... did a way better job this year
Pineapple (Psych) and strawberries
Isabella made some cute Easter themed treats
Jake... Roberts age
Bag to get the eggs

The table all decorated for Easter!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
Clare McKenna


Hilda said...

Awesome pics!! :D

Naana said...

nice pictures but Easter is way past over here?

clare mckenna said...

Thanks Hilda and Naana... yea USA Easter was on the first sunday in april :)

Anonymous said...