Monday, April 29, 2013

Monterey Bay

I do this thing where I schedule posts then decide to wait awhile so i don't clutter your feed with tons of updates from my blog so I think I need to stop because this post is about spring break:) When we were down in California my sisters friend, Cathryn flew down for a couple days so we went to the aquarium  Our parents dropped us off so they could go running. We weren't in the aquarium for more then 30 minutes when we were evacuated I don't know why but it was only for a brief amount of time... After that we took these bikes that ride three people and went down to the boardwalk...Here are the pictures!
Elyse in the car on the way there


Our favorite exhibit 

touch tank

Found Nemo!

and Dory hahahaha:)

Robert and Elyse

Bethany and Cathryn


Eating some icecream.

yea, my shirt doesn't match my tie

On the beach!


Helena said...

my siblings are impressed! i like them too :)

clare mckenna said...

hehehe thanks:)

Kylie said...

I loved the bubbles one!

Check out my new blog post! Love to read your answers to it!


Naana said...

Elyse is so pretty!

Rachael said...

Lovely photos! It must have been difficult to take them under that lighting, marvelous job!