Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Aunt Christine's Birthday!

Ok, so my aunts birthday was around a month ago I'm REALLY late on this post I know but with my grandpa being in the hospital I didn't want to nag my dad to buy lightroom until everything was over with. Since we went to the Rainforest cafe and it was incredibly dark I needed to edit them.... Anyways, it was a really fun party and we took my cousins so that made it even more fun! My little cousin Annelise wanted to throw money into the alligator mouth and so I put my hand in the water and grabbed coins so many times so that she could throw them in the mouth of the alligator.... Not amazing but not terrible now for some pictures!
Cat and the alligator 

Chocolate Volcano 

Eating with hands....

Touching gorilla heads.
                                              Thanks for reading,
                                               Clare McKenna


July A. Emmance said...

Great pictures! I love the alligator ;)

Kylie said...

These were really great! You are a great photographer!

Does anyone else in your family have a blog, or is it just you? Sorry if I sound nosy I was just wondering.


clare mckenna said...

Thanks July! Hahaha no one else has a blog except my cousin (Marygrace) But she doesn't blog anymore because she is too busy!

Hilda said...

Wow, great photography!! i love coming by yourblog. I should have added your blog on my list. who cares if it was more than 8, I should have added yours. Sorry!

Jodie said...

I love shots!

clare mckenna said...

ThAnK yOu!