Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The day before

Tomorrow is my little sister, Elyse's birthday! She will be turning eight years old. This year she had a couple of "requests". First, she wanted to get eight pink roses from Buds and Bloom and have them delivered to our house. Secondly, she wanted to get a cake at Safeway, a Finding Nemo cake that is. Third, this girl wants to go on a shopping trip to the mall. I know a suprise she doesn't my dad got her Crush and Squirt stuffed animals from the Disney Store. While she was running some errands with my mom Robert and I decided to make a bunch of decorations. Oh yeah, that's right we got out paint, paper, scissors, and of course the camera. When we were home alone Robert told me he was scared so I belted out "My favorite things" and everything was fine. I even decided that I wanted to use her famous drawing of our cat and make it a painting! It was really weird having to scale back quite a bit but once she saw it shes exclaimed "Thats my drawing"! I think she was pretty shocked I would paint a cat because I'm not Chloe (our cat) biggest fan. Little does she know I'm about to go downstairs and paint the picture on one of her favorite shirts. And to top it off some nice pictures.....
Folks, thats all eight roses!

An original masterpiece! Artist? nah. 

Stamped hands 

Hugs, Kisses, and Hearts
Making this....... into a watercolor!
                                                Thats it for now!
                                              Clare McKenna


Hilda said...

You dew that girl on the tshirt? Wow so cool! Love the pics too. Oh wow, happy birthday to you sister. May all her dreams come true.

clare mckenna said...

No! I wish. I'm painting that girl on the tshirt on a watercolor paper... Going to take me awhile.. Thanks! She's pretty lucky her bday is on ash wednesday in fact we all are because my mom is making an exception to cake and were going out to a Mexican resurant so we can eat meat!

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare,
YOu commented and followed my blog Abigail's Treasures and I want to ssay that I am extremely grateful for that!
I really love your blog, it's really sweet!! I'm also a new follower too. Your blog is amazing xxxx

clare mckenna said...

No problem! Love your blog very cute :-) Thanks so much!

Hilda said...

Aw you are so welcome. :D Water-coloring sounds fun. Which reminds me, I keep forgetting I have watercolors. LOL!

*Gasp* meat on Ash Wed? :O Oooh cake. Yummy! :P

clare mckenna said...

It is really tiring I tried endlessly to get the picture just right. Haha I am SO BAD!