Monday, May 21, 2012

You might think this is alittle silly............

My little Nothing passed while i was on vacation:( in case your wondering who nothing is he was the best betta on the earth). I have made fish live for up to a year and then they pass because im on vaction and i can't feed it or clean the tank... not because im lazy.(because im not). Nothing died from................... dust. were having our bathroom re-done and they had to use drills and other tools which created dust in my bowl, and unforutunately that was the cause. Dust suffocates animals which made him pass:( i cried and cried because he was a good fish:) i made him a euligy which is the silly part. i made it in class and i was crying........ i had some friends read it and i could tell they thought it was alittle silly but still cute:) im going to be printing a picture of Nothing and i wil make him alittle memorial out front with some of his favorite things:) i feel lost without him:( everyday i would go and make him jump out of the bowl which was fun to do with him. anyways, here is the euligy

In loving memory of Nothing McKenna: March 14th, 2012- May 19th 2012

Nothing was so unique no name could describe him. I felt happy when i would see him being so active swimming around his tank. He loved little suprises like the Finding Nemo figurines i bought him on the disney cruise. Nothing loved a good meal. His beady small eyes followed my hands as i unscrewed the food each time he got a feeding. He ate one little pellet and he looked SO cute:) Nothing lived for three months and his death was so tragic. He was my second Betta but was my favorite because of his beautiful vibrant colors. I remeber when I was cleaning your tank and you fell in the sink! I was SO scared. I screamed and Bethany saved you:) I cried and cried when i saw you helpless body wedged between the sink. But you were saved that Earth Day :) and i was so thankful. Nothing, i pray for you now hoping to meet you in the better place someday. You were a great fish and will be missed, greatly. I love you little guy and i hope you had a wonderful life.

                                                                                                              Your proud owner,
                                                                                                               Clare Irene McKenna

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