Friday, May 11, 2012


As soon as its looking like nice weather im leaving! to california (of course whenever i leave it gets nice) Speaking of good weather i hope my fav cousin, MG has a wonderful time at camp because i had to miss the trip last year): i also have to miss the 7th grade trip to eastern wa this year because now its riley graduating! i think im leaving for cali on tuesday or wendesday (not quite sure............) then we will come back on sunday i will go to school monday then my class leaves tuesday and i leave for new york on wendesday! lots of hours on planes and traveling! Random thought: i was supposed to go to a donut shop today because ive NEVER been to one EVER! yes, i have had a donut before(: i think im going to one before California so stay tuned..................
Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Heres stuff thats coming up:
. Tanya's wedding (housekeeper/babysitter)
. Donut shop (AHHH excited)
. California
. New York
. Mothers Day
. Outside pics!

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