Saturday, May 25, 2013

{almost there}

As it seems every year summer can't come fast enough. I still have around 2 more weeks left of school ): This year I will be graduating 8th grade! Teachers are starting to get annoyed with all of us eighth graders. And although it sounds terrible some kids skimp on homework. It has been raining constantly here in the Pacific Northwest but we have had some sunny days, take a look! Check out my photography Instagram @photosbyclare



LittleMiss(NotSo)Perfect said...

Your complaining about 2 weeks but here in England we've got 6 weeks til the summer holidays!

Rachael said...

The foot picture is my favorite :)

clare mckenna said...

Hahaha! Thanks!

Hilda said...

You had rain? Ooh lucky! :P

Barbora said...

Ohh Lovely photos!
It is pretty ocold here aswell!!
I´m in 8th grade aswell. Just finishing and yes! Teachers are soo fed up with us .)) :D

xxx Barbora♥