Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Birthday!

I celebrated my birthday on July 27th. I always wake up early to savor the day. Here's how I spent my day to the max! Wake up at 7:00 and go watch some food network.(I even pre-recorded shows:) then I ate breakfast cinnamon doughnuts, chocolate milk, and cinnamon toast.(tradition for 3 years) Then opened presents I got a tea cups from tea Madame at windmill gardens, an iPhone cover, cupcake stand, umbrella. And some really cute candy rain boots! I went Rockclimbing ate lunch at spaghetti factory then shopped at southcenter but only for a couple hours so I could join the currans for a 4us concert. It was a really good day and I had SO much fun!

Look at Arianna photographing that makes me smile:)

Thanks again AnneMarie for photographing this special moment

Thanks for coming on,
Clare McKenna 

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