Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Year

this year has gone by so fast! it was only a week ago when christmas happened its 2012! And then Valentines day is just around the corner. i hope everyone had a great year and im looking forward to posting more. (a new years resolution) and im getting back on track! here are some of my most favoritest times this year! have an awesometacular new year!
the very first post is definately big-It all started back in September when Mrs. Davison got me going on Mt. St. Helens blog and I LOVED IT:) So today being a snow day and all I, Clare McKenna was sick of reading you heard me right i was SICK OF READING ( crazy right) :) so I stuck to my routine check my emails, read (a little bit) :) , baked some cookies, and watched a little television. I started to do it with MG but then she made her own :( so I made MY own revised and way cooler one hope you enjoy!!!!!
Clare McKenna
P.S. besure to leave TONS of comments

then i participated in Cupcake Wars! (not the real one;) and won!

But after a few months....-we took the big trip back to the east coast!!! and went to Carlo's Bake Shop/May

Then I had my ballet recital
then- in June i made my very first fondant cake
July- i took my very first cake class and second one and that didn't help one bit
Then i turned 12! Riley Proposed 
August-i went to camp Don Bosco
Then celebrated Robert's Birthday
We made a HUGE trip! (fave part, Jelly Belly Factory)
Then before i went back to Holy Family went to Wild Waves with my 6th grade class
 Then Back to School

Then We did the Puallup Fair
Went to American Girl Store at Alderwood
Went on an E.W.P. trip to Crystal Mountain

I made engagment cupcakes!
 Got This!

 and this!
 St. Nick came and filled up our shoes
 got this AMAZING ice cream
 Went to the play "Suessical" with my friend Emily
Nutcracker came and went :(

 Christmas came!
 Made this cake for my Primal brother Alex
And Then Wrote this in a half hour for my blog readers!
Happy New Year,
Clare Irene McKenna


Liz Hofer said...

Hey Claire, great year you had and wow are you handy on the computer, not to mention handy in the kitchen. The 2 areas that I lack in!! HA!
Hope 2012 is as blessed a year for you as 2011! I learned a lot about your whole family just in the last 5minutes so THANK YOU!

Clare McKenna said...

thanks so much i hope that you have a good 2012 too:)