Friday, October 21, 2011

Crystal Mountain:)

Crystal mountain was such an educational experience we hiked alot and i must say i was pretty fast going up because there were 4 groups of my class and i was in the first! it was so much fun:)
 Maddi's dad stopped the car just so people could take a picture
 ski hill runs
 ski chairs
 in front of a mining cave the kid pointing to the backpack pushed me off the trail so he could get in front of me i pushed him right back:)
 a strem right before our break
 even in alittle snow... SNOWBALL FIGHT IT WAS AWESOME then, eric pummled me in the forehead OWCH! and they keep hitting sophia on the trail BACKOFF!
 Alex and Jack looking for lobster... and yes there is lobster somewhere...
 mr. hills dog candy jumped from the top of this and all the injuries was a tiny dot of blood on the nose
 all hikers need...
 all my friends and my funny bff  sophia (her shirt says "annie")
 we climbed so high!
 look! fall is here!
 candy ran across this ledge...
 my friend maddi:)
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Anonymous said...

that was cool and funny when you pushed Jordan.

Little Miss Clare said...

Serves him right! that little.....