Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wax Museum

So as you know tommorow is the wax museum as courtesy please only push the buttons once and don't make funny faces it distracts us also please don't push our buttons and walk away that is really rude!


Anonymous said...

Clare I would never do that!! I can't wait to see the Cake Boss!! Love MOM

Amy said...

CLARE!!!! I found you!!!! I LOVE your blog! How in the world do you post a video? I do not know how to do it? Can you show me? Check out my blog. I have not been good about updating it lately since we have been busy but I will get better.

Do you know you can also make blog books? Prita has made a few but I have not. Will you put cupcake recipes on here? See ya Sunday and we will chat BLOGS! Love ya! Your favorite cousin Amy :-)