Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Match Made in Heaven

 A beautiful day in Hilton Head, North Carolina the sun was shining it was the perfect day to get married (again!) That's right my oldest brother, Michael said "I do" for the second time but this time it was different he did it in front of an "actual" crowd. Back in July we received a call from my brother  during the middle of the conversation he added "Mom, I'm already married I called to tell you that". Talk about a surprise.  Michael who wasn't due to step foot in front of an alter for another four months was already married!. He and Nicole were already legally married. Why? The Army is trying to get out as many troops as possible and if you were to marry another troop one of you could get out. It was all before a certain deadline. My family and I all traveled back to the wedding in November. This time for the big celebration because you can't throw a big wedding before an upcoming deadline. It was an amazing wedding and I have another sister-in-law! The story how they met at West Point is actually quite funny and I might actually tell it sometime.

Holy Family Church 
Talking to break the nerves

                                                                           Keeping it serious....


Can't help smiling once he spots the bride

Elyse did intentions 

Aunt Laura did both readings

                                      Bethany captured the hearts of many with her voice... and there were  tears

That's "the" look before..................
The end is only the beginning 
Thanks for coming on,
Clare McKenna

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